The Rageh Omaar Report: The Party’s Over

Project Type
  • Documentary
  • Film
Running Time 46 minutes
Release Date September 15, 2010
Produced by:

Produced by Fort Greene Filmworks &
Left Hand Films for Al Jazeera English

Distributed by:

Al Jazeera English

Production Team:

Directors, Writers, Producers: Shareen Anderson and Lisa Henry
Camera Operators: Ian Miller, Shareen Anderson, Joao Duarte, and David Jacobs
Offline Editors: Taku Kaskela and Marina du Toit
Production Assistants: Ivy Sithole, Mishumo Mathivha, and Mbali Langa
Music Supervisor: Taku Kaskela
Online Editor: Warwick Allan, Mushroom Media
Final Audio Mix: Janno Müller, On Key Sound Studios
Executive Producer for Al Jazeera English: Mike Dillon

In June 2010, the eyes of the world were on South Africa as it hosted the largest international sporting event – the FIFA World Cup. For ordinary South Africans, it was also a month-long reprieve from the usual bad news about crime, corruption, and poverty that has plagued the nation in recent years. But it is only now, months after the World Cup has been over and the fans have long gone home, that South Africa can finally access how it moves forward, and how it overcomes the huge number of challenges it faces.

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